Fishing, hunting doing OK

Published 1:47 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We talked last week about this time of year as being the time to do both fishing and hunting and expect success in doing both.

Even though we expect some warm days, to almost hot days and nights that still call for the air-conditioner, we know that with that we will have a few cool days and more cool nights.

Coming to us is what we call invigorating weather when we have to move to stay warm.

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I am looking forward to it myself.

Fall weather is great.

After the surgery, I haven’t gotten along as well with the heat of the summer as I have the cool of the rest of the year.

This summer did seem a little cooler than the past few, and I didn’t suffer as much until later in the year. When that first cool snap came to visit back in September, I enjoyed it immensely and didn’t want it to go away.

The heat that returned was tough. This is typical fall weather, and I was ready for winter so I shouldn’t have been looking for more.

It may be holiday time before we get the kinda of cold that folks are expecting, but it will be here eventually.

Weather and changes in weather will effect hunting somewhat, but it will effect fishing more than it will hunting.

Fish will bite whether it is cold or hot, but actually bite better if the weather is moderate. Water temperature in the 60s to the mid 70s is where it needs to be to get the fish in the mood to bite just right.

What we need to go along with that is weather that is constant. It is changing weather that will disrupt the feeding of the fish and in turn your success when you go to the lake. One way around that is to keep a few feet of webbing out and catching some rough fish, like suckers.

One night last week, we talked to the net man at a restaurant after dinner. We see him and his wife there fairly often and catch up on the fishing news.

He was telling me that he had caught several good messes of suckers already. He has a grandson that helps him tie his nets and says that the kid can tie them twice as fast as he can. The child can make himself some good money and never leave the house. As long as he never leaves the house that money will mount up into a considerable pile. It may not be long until he has enough that he has to keep it in two piles. He may be the only student in middle school that has bought his own truck. He must have been fishing most of his life and it comes natural to him.

The grandfather was telling me that this 12-year-old boy not only can make gill nets, he knows how to put them out, bring them in as well as brag on the fish he catches.

He has mastered the art of fishing for other fish also. Just how many of you caught two 8-pound bass last week. He did and having learned the lesson very well on close mouthness, he wouldn’t tell anyone where he had caught the bass nor tell them what he had caught them on. He fishes both the Flint and the lake so could have really caught them anywhere.

As I said the hunting side of things has been doing OK with the most success of the deer hunters coming opening weekend and then on the cooler mornings since opening day.

I told you earlier of the nine-pointer at the first of the season, a nice 10-pointer since then as well as several eights and then a few smaller bucks. A fair number of antlerless deer have also been taken.

There is enough deer sausage in some of the neighborhoods in town to make them smell quite good on Saturday mornings.

As a matter of fact, some of the neighborhoods smell so good so often that a few hunters are going to miss that Saturday morning feast if they don’t get out there and get another one or two right quickly.