Good doggie

Published 12:42 pm Friday, November 6, 2009

This past week was National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, so it is a good time to take stock in the Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society’s animal shelter on Cox Avenue.

Since the Humane Society took over the operation of the animal shelter from the City of Bainbridge in November 2004, it’s safe to say that the lives—and the potential for a long, happy life—of the countless dogs, puppies, cats and kittens have improved.

Improved tremendously.

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Since the Humane Society took control of the animal shelter, it has taken in more than 12,000 animals.

According to Humane Society President Pam Immendorf, the adoption rate has been about 35 percent.

For example, during the last 12-month period, the animal shelter has taken in approximately 2,400 animals, and 900 of those were either adopted out or they found their rightful owners.

The Humane Society has successfully hooked up with the Pilots N Paws program where pilots volunteer their time, airplane and fuel to transport adoptable animals to shelters in other areas of the country so that the likelihood of those animals finding good homes is increased.

When the city controlled the fate of those animals, there were years when the number of adoptions could be counted on your 10 fingers, with one to spare.

While under the city’s control, the likelihood of those countless animals having a long, happy life were nil.

The Humane Society has done a tremendous job of enhancing the quality of life for animals, which speaks of how we value the quality of life for us here in Bainbridge.

But you can do more to help the animal shelter.

Immendorf says be a member of the Humane Society, which to join is as low as $25 a year.

The shelter also accepts donations of canned dog and cat food, collars and leashes, old bedding such as linens, quilts and towels.

It also needs laundry detergent and bleach.

The operations of the shelter has had its ups and downs, including avoiding a financial squeeze last year that threatened to shut it down or transfer operations back over to the city.

Pass by our animal shelter and thank those who work and volunteer there.

What they have done is commendable and makes Bainbridge and Decatur County a better place for all of us—dogs and cats included.