Where are the candidates?

Published 6:13 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In regards to the editorial written in your Saturday, Oct. 10, issue, I would like to take issue with several thoughts given.

First, I do not see the need for the people of Bainbridge to support a frivolous weekend at an expensive hotel to discuss business when we have a beautiful facility right here in Bainbridge that can be utilized.

The Chamber of Commerce has an excellent room that can be used for the purpose of discussing city problems and projects. These meetings, of course, could be catered by one of our local eateries, thus leaving the “big bucks” in our own city. In fact, I must agree with Greg Waddell and Joe Sweet and thank them for their concern for the welfare of Bainbridge.

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Second, I have attended almost every city and county commission meeting and have yet to see either of the announced candidates attend any of these meetings. Where do these candidates get information about the workings of Bainbridge?

It is a shame the City of Bainbridge has a city management form of government when other cities, both smaller and larger in the United States, have mayoral forms of government, thus the mayor being the chief executive officer.

When a city of this size has dedicated department heads that have the leadership capacity to “run the show,” the chief financial officer should be the most influential member of the government.

Thank you,Ted SnellBainbridge, Ga.