What justice?

Published 6:13 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I’m writing this about common sense in a case that was tried and declared a mistrial because of one juror.

I’ve heard a lot of remarks about his part in keeping a widow and her kids from getting their share of $7 million, and about how he’ll get his one joy for his actions.

I don’t know the gentleman, but I’d like to. He’s my kind of folks.

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What I’d like to ask is how the other 11 jurors voted the way they did to give two distinguished gentlemen lawyers $2.8 million to try one case and add the other $4.2 million on to our already unnecessary health costs.

I understand the doctor being sued had $1 million and the hospital had $1 million liability coverage. Should have been enough. Right?

But the lawyers sued for $7 million. Why didn’t they sue for the deceased’s income for his family until the kids are grown or another wage earner takes the decease’s place, plus an even $50,000 apiece for the lawsuit instead of $7 million?

The family would have been taken care of, and the two lawyers would have been well paid for their services at a fraction of the cost of what they wanted. And one of the best doctors wouldn’t have to go bankrupt, and approximately $6 million been added to our hospital costs.

We do know who would have had to pay all this extra money, don’t we?

Seems to me somebody else is going to have to pay one day for their part in this scheme to swindle us and pad their pocketbooks instead of the one man who noted his convictions and stood by for what’s right. What do you think?

Is there really honor among thieves?

Bobby HillBainbridge, Ga.