Time for cold fronts and hunting

Published 12:41 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Most of us have been wishing for a significant break in the temperature for some time now, and it seems that we have finally gotten it.

Last week we got down into the lower 50s and some of the colder spots may have gotten lower than that. From what I was able to tell from the Weather Channel from different places, the southern part of the state had temps in the lower 50s to around 50 for the areas just below the fall line and south. From the fall line northward it was in the 40s, while some areas in the north Georgia mountains did hit the 30s.

This cool air did come out of Canada. Just a little later the cold fronts coming from the northwest will feel a lot like this one, while the ones from Canada will be of the very cold variety, at least we hope so.

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Typically very cold weather won’t last over about three days and then a warm system is trying to make its way south and warming up our weather. There have been times that it has been cold for almost a week, but those times are not the norm. This is the south, and it is supposed to be warm during the winter.

The last several winters have been warm and the heating bills have been low. This time may be a little different and thinking that has not come with help from any of the weather folks.

It is just that we have gone for several years without getting a bark buster, and I am thinking that this may be the year that the weather turns around and goes the other way. That is just a feeling based on nothing scientific.

I am hoping to be wrong and come out of a mild winter and move into a typical spring with the fish just waiting to bite.

These cool mornings will enhance the deer hunting and make it more comfortable for the deer hunter. He may even need some sleeves on his arms to stay warm some of the cooler mornings.

We have to work through the rest of archery season, then the blackpowder season before we get into the gun season for deer. As we do that there is a chance that the weather may be a little cooler yet.

Of course, it is only about two weeks before all of this happens, so if it is going to make another change, it had best be on the way. Then another dove season will be back in.

I was totally surprised at how good the first dove season was. Now with farmers gathering crops, the doves will be in for the leavings in the fields. Hopefully this will be as good a season as was the first one. We know that the last dove season coming in around Thanksgiving will be a good one.

By the time that the last dove season comes in, most of the other small game season will have made the scene, like quail and rabbit. Most of the small game seasons will be in until the last day of February. That is a long time. Deer, dove and duck will all go out in January still making for very long seasons.

For you fishermen that don’t hunt, this cool weather will cause the crappie to start to school up and be a little easier to catch. All of that will lead up to the bedding season midway through the winter season right on up until nearly spring.

Both jigs and minnows will work during this time. The cool water will get the jackfish back in the mood to bite and may send the bass to the bottom so we can use jigs for them.

And the catfish always bite. Try and schedule a time to go. There is no use in living so near a lake like this one and not going fishing.