Laughing about characters

Published 1:13 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2009

They say that laughter is good for what ails you, well I guess it’s a good saying, looking back to the late 1930s, Turkey Johnson and myself was thinking and spinning yarns about two “characters in the Faceville School.”

One was given a draft card out of the seventh grade, the other attempted to manhandle a 90-pound anvil up over his head, he lost it and many years later went to his grave with a big toe flat as a niller wafer.

We sat for near an hour talkin about them characters and things we pulled at Faceville School.

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They’s two things I learnt this heah week, one is to not git in too big a hurry to take up time with a child, the othern was always take time to pet a dog.

Bainbridge Bass Club fished Flint River from Bainbridge, C. Suber won with five at 11.77, Joe Pickles four at 10.93, Predmore five at 7.5.  The last two wear shoal bass, Suber’s was largemouth.

The Boys/Girls basketball tournament over on the creek, Hamric won it with 25 pounds, Sean Neal had big fish with 8.9 pounds.

The Rod Benders Bass Club of Dunnellen, Fla., finished a two-day tournament with Tom Sarver taking first place with 15.8 pounds. Jeff Patton with 14.3 took second, Lewis Bredice third with 14.1, Jeff Patton had big fish with 7.2, and Bill Rindlett also caught a big 6-pound fish.

Mr. Lewis had another big catch of hybreds on artificial bate this week they seem to have scattered, the black bass fishermen are picking up a few here and yonder, and Sunday big catfish was sited coming into shallow water.

We also have had a limit catches of big ole slab crappie taken on minnows by Jody Wells, he called Pam Marten-Wells, she went by boat and they only caught four. After she left they went back to bitten. Mr. Willis took a big mess of small crappie in the stumps and some biguns in the river. Fall fishen looks great!

Wingate’s Fishing Report

October 4, 2009

Lake surface temp:  76Lake level: Down 1 footFlint: CloudyChattahoochee: MuddySpring Creek: Gin clearReport provided by: Jack Wingate