Being robbed by Congress

Published 12:39 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some seniors are already saying they are getting concerned that Congress will soon run out of money and have to reduce Social Security payments.

Normally this kind of talk doesn’t start until election time when Democrats start again telling poorly educated seniors and voters that if they elect Republicans their Social Security checks will stop because Republicans want to destroy the program. Only Democrats can guarantee their Social Security checks will continue. This lie has worked in the past (especially in the Carter-Ford campaign in Georgia) and nothing in our education system tells me that it won’t work again in 2010-2012 elections.

Don’t you ever wonder why disproportionate number of delegates and alternates at Democratic Party Conventions are members of the National Education Association! Teacher unions gave $1.2 millions to ACORN! Why? For what? Ask a teacher union member.

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Let’s take an honest look back at the start of Social Security. To start with it was a big lie. President Roosevelt sold it as a way to supplement retirement income, knowing it would someday become a Democrat vote getting welfare program.

The money you contribute to your Social Security retirement income is taken and spent! There is no “lock box”! Your Social Security “investment” is spent by our uncontrolled spending Congress! Congress distributes your money to other people, many who never paid a dime to it!

If your elected representatives in Congress would allow you to control your own Social Security “investment” Congress cannot claim that they, not you, are “securing” your retirement. Social Security locks seniors (the majority of votes) into a taxed fixed income. It is a lie. It is not designed and run to protect seniors! It is designed to protect Congress and to keep them in power! Ever wonder why the National Education Association educators never taught or told young voters about this while they were in school or college. Hello!

Now, let’s take a 2009 look forward. Today’s Roosevelt is “Robin Hood” Obama and his mercy band of radicals and czars in the White House. He is trying to sell the voters on government-controlled health care for all. Here we go aging! Liberal presidents and Congress Democrats never give up. Never. They will come at you again another way and say whatever it takes to gain more power and control of your money and your life.

I have reached the point where I had rather be robbed by a thief than member of Congress. The thief will take my money and go on his way. Congressmen will stay there and bore me with all the reasons why they have to take my money to be able to give it to others who vote for them or are too lazy to earn it like I did. Maybe, just maybe, the time has come for term limits in the Congress, you decide.

Guy BarberBainbridge, Ga.