Taken back to some time ago

Published 2:22 pm Friday, October 2, 2009

Saterday nooish, while looking at the habitational mound at the Chattahoochee Park below the bridge at Chattahoochee, I was taken back in time some 70 years growing up at Faceville, the four people who helped me to learn to fish and hunt, they were Mr. Buck Duke, Mr. Arge Olivent, Alton Wingate and my father, Paul Wingate.

Mr. Buck got more kids to fishen than anyon I know of, Mr. Arge showed us how to and what baits to use and he could call a turkey with his mouth.

Uncle Alton Wingate showed me how to paddle a boat without taken the paddle out of the water and my father when and how to get a mess of fish the fastist.

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There was some 75 cars and boat trailors fishen the risen water between the mound and the Jim Woodruff Dam, they were pulling bream, catfish, carp and suckers in the steady risen water.

No. 8 sewing thread was the line we used after it had been pulled through beeswax to color it and make it last long, we generly cut our poles after we got to the water. Just thinking how it was some 70 years ago fishen roun Faceville.

The gators have all but left the lake, at least to the eye ball. However, since we are within about 30 days of a frost, they are getting their winter homes ready for themselves. And they must eat before they den up, so must the rattlers. Even thought we don’t see them, they are still on the lake. Many snakes will be killed on the roads before winter.

We have had a few good hybreds taken this week and a couple of limits, one man sed they schooled on top over an hour.

We believe that we will have a great fall and winter season for crappie. This will be on jigs mostly, some minnows as always will be used.

Rite now bass has done will on paddle-tail worms fished over deep grass and proved to be a limit getter. Also the frog baits over lilly pads git the job done.

We look forward to deer season opening up with guns soon, some folks have taken some gooduns on bows, Jamit Bush for one. Some have found wild hogs and are looking to taking a few of the shoats.

Two dates to remember for those who mite like to see things. Oct. 14 is the dedication of Country Music in Dothan at 11 a.m., and at Wingates Lodge on Dec. 5, 6 and 7, an Indian Pow Wow is free, but parking is $3 per car.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

September 27 , 2009

Lake surface temp: 79Lake level: Near fullFlint: Real cloudyChattahoochee: Cloudy and fastSpring Creek: ClearReport provided by: Jack Wingate