Freedom to protest

Published 6:12 am Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I’m a grown man and was raised in Bainbridge. I resent ex-President Jimmy Carter calling me and my fellow patriots “Racist” for protesting the 2009 actions of Congress and our President.

We protest the Cap and Trade bill, which will not create new jobs and will increase our dependence on foreign oil.

We protest the non-stimulus pork bell that will not create permanent jobs. We protest the nationalization of GM and Chrysler, giving 16 percent of GM to the unions.

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We protest giving $4,500 to taxpayers’ money to sell a car.

We protest making 100 plus percent loans pushed by Barney Frank. It broke the banks.

We protest massive spending and borrowing by Congress. We protest the 1,000-page health bill presented by Congress no one can understand it.

We know government control means higher cost.

We protest our nation’s changes from capitalism to socialism.

A book can be written on each of the above protests.

Mr. Carter, with your eyebrows raised and eyes wide open, you call me and fellow patriots “Racist,” those you call racist are for the most part clean-cut, hard working workers, small business people and Christians that don’t like the way our country is going—and Mr. Carter—name calling only serves my resolve to fight the economic demise of the country I know and love.

Jack G. RichTallahassee