Voters question Bishop

Published 12:33 pm Friday, September 18, 2009

Rep. Sanford Bishop:

As U.S. citizens in your district, we are deeply concerned with the direction President Obama is leading our country.

The consolidation of power in the White House is overwhelming considering President Obama’s appointment of over 30 czars. His czar appointment is purposely avoiding the congressional vetting process. Some of these czars and presidential advisers have been or are self-avowed Communists, Marxists and known radicals! Some have openly spoken of admiring communist leaders and are very critical of our capitalist society.

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Why are you and other congressmen not speaking out about this? Please tell us your reason for not speaking out!

We would welcome an honest open bipartisan debate on improving health care. Not just a Democratic Party-controlled determination of what kind of government health care we are going to get! The current proposed health care legislation is unacceptable to a majority of citizens as reflected in poll numbers.

Yes, we do need some reform, but not government-run health care. Competition among all insurance companies selling health insurance across state lines, medical liability reform and elimination of fraud and waste in Medicare and Medicaid is good reform. As a lawyer what are your personal feelings about tort reform?

As I understand it, health care benefits provided for the president and Congress, at taxpayer expense, is exceptional and guaranteed. Before the proposed legislation is passed, it should be mandated that all Congressmen and the President exchange their current health insurance and protection for the proposed plan. Will you agree to exchange your coverage and protection for the proposed plan?

It is inconceivable that Congressmen sign bills they have not read. Bills should be concise and to the point. Details should be worked out before legislation is passed to prevent misinterpretation or special interest groups tampering with legislation. Massive legislation creates opportunities for deception and hidden agendas. Why did Congress allow a radically led organization, APOLLO, to write or have significant input in the stimulus bill?

Our national debt is soaring out of control and so is the size of government. This will inevitably require unbearable taxation on us and our children. The stimulus bill has increased our deficit enormously and millions of dollars are being spent on wasteful projects. This is an example that government doesn’t eliminate waste, but just creates more. No wonder ordinary citizens are struggling to get by. What are you doing to stop wasteful spending of stimulus dollars?

We believe the Cap and Trade legislation will send energy cost skyrocketing for all Americans putting added stress on an already struggling economy. Passing this kind of legislation so that some companies, campaign contributors and special interest groups can become richer is criminal. Combine this with government take over of the auto companies to save auto workers unions and their voting power, bail outs of AIG and major banks and public run health care, it appears the Obama administration is attempting to change our United States from a capitalist society to a socialist society. Why do you feel this is positive change for the people of the 2nd district of Georgia?

If history has taught us anything it proves that government cannot run programs efficiently. It is evident that many Congressional leaders represent special interest groups and individual ambitions rather than representing all constituents and what is best for our United States of America.

It is very troubling that Congress isn’t investigating ACORN and its many affiliations considering the numerous allegations of fraud and misconduct levied against them. After all they have received $53 million of taxpayer funds already and ACORN is eligible to receive $8.5 billion of stimulus funds. What actions have you taken to have ACORN investigated? Also, please explain why taxpayer funding should not be terminated?

This letter is written out of concern for America and not because of any political party affiliation. Your response will be appreciated.

Concerned and outraged citizens,Emory and Kathleen Deen