Concerned over czars

Published 12:36 pm Friday, September 18, 2009

It is good to know that we the public still have the means to make waves and that those in Washington do hear our voices. This was proven with the resignation of Czar Van Jones. Let this be proof that we the people can and do make a difference when we speak out. So many years just we the “ordinary citizens” have set back and left politics to others. This I believe is also being seen in the movement across the country in the tea parties and those that have shown up at the various town hall meetings.

We in American have been silent far too long, but there is a mood in the country to take the new administration’s words “change” and use those words against him. When the elections were all in the news, I believe that the people in this country did want change, change that would be “not politics as usual,” “change that it would be an administration that would listen to the people,” “change that the new administration that would pull the curtains back from the secrecy in Washington” and “change that would seek to work with both the Democrats and the Republicans.” However, that is not the change that we are seeing.

The members of Congress have become so arrogant and self serving that they have forgotten that we the people are actually their employer. They have forgotten that they were sent to Washington to serve the people. They have forgotten what truth, honesty and integrity are.

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We elected a president that we believed was not the “extreme leftist” that he was made out to be. However, he seems to prove over and over again that we the people were blinded. This is a man that has yet to fill 40 percent of the cabinet, but yet has appointed more czars than any other president in recent history. This is a man that appointed many people that are “tax cheats.” This is a man that knew Van Jones and his history and yet appointed him as a czar.

The president made his great speech how we needed to heal this country and that we needed to be “color blind.”

This speech was portrayed in the media as comparable to Martin Luther King’s great speech, a speech to unite all people. Yet this is the same president that appointed Van Jones, a man who called himself a communist; a person who signed a statement that he believed that our government was a partaker of 9/11; and a man that is a racist by stating how white people are polluters.

Jones was “convicted by his own words” yet in his statement of resignation he blames others for “lies and distortion.”

Why would our president appoint such a person?

How many times do we keep making excuses for him and his associations?

This begs the next question, why has this administration appointed so many czars?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with appointing some czar, my research shows that most presidents have appointed czars for special circumstances. I believe that President Obama is at 34 plus czars and still counting. I looked up the definition of czar: An emperor or king; an autocratic ruler or leader; any person exercising great authority or power in a particular field.

Czars unless expressly provided for by members of Congress do not answer to anyone but the president and do not have to be confirmed but yet have some of the same power as some Cabinet members.

Does this concern you as much as it does me?

Does he seek to set up his own power and control of the country?

Who do the czars answer to?

Can they be held accountable for their actions?

Then there was the special “Ramadan” meeting at the White House, and yet for the first time in many years, earlier this year, he did not hold the annual day of prayer. Why? This President’s actions and words so many times are in conflict of one another.

We the people need to be diligent and not grow weary of speaking out. We the people need to keep our eyes open and our ears listening so that we hear and discern what is really being said. We the people need to remember those members of Congress that sell us out so that when election time comes, we the people again will be heard by those in Washington.

Sandy NeelyBainbridge, Ga.