Rolling in dough

Published 9:51 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It’s true—every biker who rolls through the new gates of the Bikefest grounds this weekend will be helping an organization in this community that would otherwise not have the extra dough.

Last year, Bikefest raised more than $35,795 for charities such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Shriners’ Hospital, Salvation Army, and numerous local charities such as the Junior ROTC program at Bainbridge High School, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office rescue unit and Stepping Stone.

In fact, Bikefest has raised approximately $650,000 for charities during its 11 years and now its 12th. It’s raised enough to purchase property and upgrade it—with the help of a lot of volunteer labor and materials to hold the festival at its new grounds for the first time this weekend.

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And those who spend money just by coming to Bainbridge for Bikefest are helping provide extra sales tax revenue, something our local coffers could use.

If you see someone on a motorcycle this weekend, realize they are giving back to the community.

While the bikers are rolling down they road this weekend, they are also rolling in the dough for some organizations and individuals in need of some. And we appreciate that.