Working to beautify Coyle Park

Published 5:24 pm Friday, September 11, 2009

Teenagers call it the “Duck Pond”; some refer to it by its former name, Boulevard Park, but regardless of the name, there’s no doubt it’s a place Bainbridge citizens enjoy.

The correct name is Coyle Park, named for a prominent Decatur County citizen, W.M. Coyle.

Coyle Park is very popular and almost never without visitors. Local governments are joining forces to do some needed rehabilitation of the park.

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When you are driving around town, we hope you will take a drive by the park (behind Calvary Baptist Church, between Bainbridge Middle School and Bainbridge Mall), and notice the changes being made.

The City of Bainbridge Leisure Services Division has taken the leadership role, inspiring other local government entities to join forces to make this project possible despite the realities of manpower shortages and economic challenges.

Jason Strickland, horticulturist for the Parks Department, has marked trees for removal.

Consultations have been conducted between the City of Bainbridge, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Decatur County UGA Extension Office and Keep Decatur County Beautiful.

City and County inmate crews have been sent to make quick work of the cleaning and scrubbing of excess trees and weeds. Attesting to the relative health of the pond area is the fact that Coyle Park retention pond is home to a family of wood ducks.

Experts agree excess nutrients in the water contribute to the over-growth of weeds. The plan is to clean around the water to give Rivers Alive volunteers access to the water and banks in October so that the trash can be removed. Experts will determine the most efficient way to maintain the health of the water and landscaping.

Visit the park, located south of Shotwell Street between Collier Street and Boulevard Drive, at your earliest convenience!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, call Keep Decatur County Beautiful at 246-3611.

A sparkling clean and healthy park in town that offers not only peaceful green space for reflection but a scenic opportunity for recreation is the common goal. Please do your part to keep it clean and beautiful!