President’s motivation speech to students

Published 3:01 pm Friday, September 11, 2009

I am writing in regards to President Obama’s speech that every news is talking about, and I honestly have to say some people are so ignorant! It’s a motivation speech!

Schools have speakers come make speeches all the time to motivate the students, but since it is coming from Obama, it is a problem. You see parents on the news crying like they the world is coming to a end! It’s ridiculous … I am a 19 years old and my peers and I know that it is stupid!

Every little thing Obama does someone has to come up with a problem with it. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and mine is America needs to stop picking at every little thing that Obama does. You want him to help America, right?

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Well instead of saying what he is doing wrong, how about you try to help and come up with some ideas instead of trash all of his.

The way this is going the United States will never prosper. If he was not doing anything at all, people will criticize him! I wish people would stop expecting Obama to fix every problem. He is trying. The man might be the President, but he is also human not a magician!

I wish the Republicans and the Democratic would work together and maybe we can get something done! We are the people, and it is time we stopped expecting the people around us to fix our problems, stop wanting a handout and help!

Patrisha LaneBainbridge, Ga.