Gator season netted some big ones

Published 5:01 pm Friday, September 11, 2009

“Hooked on Hope,” the Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group of Southwest Georgia and Logan Harrison wishes to announce; the 1st Buddy Bass Tournament Sept. 12, $50 per team with 50 percent pay back at Wingate’s Lunker Lodge, Lake Seminole.

For more information, call Ricky Gipson (229) 224-2852 or Vickie Gipson (229) 224-1680.

What a Labor Day weekend, this in turnt out to be, Saterday before daylight I took a picture of a 11.5-foot gator and no sooner set back in my chair than had to git up and shoot pic of one about 8 feet long, then Jeff and Joe McDaniel with Capt. Phil Walters from Jacksonville, Ill., with a giant 13.2-foot gator.

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C&S Tournement Trails Saterday was taken by Scott Barefoot of Bainbridge and Josh Morris of D-Ville with 11.70 and big fish was 4.3.

The “Tournement out of Sneeds went like this: Denny McGolwin and Jerry Kelly 24.03, Tommy Barnes and Lee Boutwell 21.51, Mile Pills and Steve George 21.03, this was a yearly tournament and has a good crowd.

The YMCA Tournement out of Spring Creek Park was like this, Brad and Lance Reynolds with 24.6, the Jordens 20.4 the big fish of the tournament was a 8.24.

The panfish tournament has a real nice time and as everyone predicted the top 3 were all crappie, Joe and David Jorden of Colquit 21.12 pounds, Phil and Winston Grubs 21.10, Jeff and Alford Rounsted 15.40, these figures were off because of heat and muddy water in the Flint, its muddy as a clay hole.

Bass fishen has been slow all week for  most folks, however Charlie Hill and Mrs. Suesy tool a 7.10 and two 5’s and a four and two on a worm.

Tis’ roumered roun the grapevine that Charlie Hill will be leaving for South Africa soon to bass fish, The Florida stran of bass over there, there is hot peppers over there but I doubt its hot enough fot that Apache gut of his.

A huge hatch of willow flies came off in the bottom of the Lake Friday nite or Saterday. Bream should takem.

I like this’en “in the present crisis, government is not the solution of our problem, it is the problem.” Ronald Regan sed this, may God Rest his Soul.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

September 6 , 2009

Lake surface temp: 79Lake level: Near fullLake clarity: Muddy in the FlintFlint: MuddyChattahoochee: Some muddySpring Creek: Some mud upperReport provided by: Jack Wingate