Add BLT to your diet

Published 5:26 pm Friday, September 11, 2009

A tantalizing menu of entertainment is being prepared for the 36th season of the Bainbridge Little Theatre, with something for every appetite.

The motto for Bainbridge Little Theatre’s subscription campaign this year is “Let us Entertain You with our 36th Season,” an appropriate theme considering the choices being offered. For those who may never have attended a BLT production, now is the time to look into the quality entertainment presented by this troop of veteran actors, often augmented by newly discovered talent.

Long-time residents and newcomers alike recognize the importance of quality community theater. Kris Griffin, a relative newcomer to the Bainbridge area, said she attended the BLT productions last year for the first time and believes theater is a very necessary part of a vital community.

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“We in Bainbridge are very lucky to have those who give so willingly of their time and talents to entertain us,” she said, adding that she has chosen to become a patron this coming season.

The first production is an Agatha Christie mystery, “And Then There Were None.”

Christie adapted her novel Ten Little Indians, retitling it for the stage play, which has enjoyed successful runs over the years as a play and was twice adapted for film.

The plot is a familiar one. A group of guests are invited by the mysterious Mr. Owen to enjoy a holiday on Indian Island; but after the guests start turning up dead the mystery deepens. Tension mounts as the remaining guests attempt to discover the identity of the murderer before they too become victims.

Production dates for the first show are Oct. 8-11.

“Steel Magnolias” by Robert Harling is scheduled as the Dec. 10-13 show. Again, the story is a familiar one, as it was a successful movie in 1989, sporting an all-star cast that included Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Olympia Dukakis, Darryl Hanna and Shirley McClain.

This will be the second time BLT has chosen to present “Steel Magnolias.” The first time in 1990 featured local actresses, Debbie Sloan, Judy Becott, Martha Mobley, Maxie Lillethun and Mary Simmons-Murray.

A comedy/drama, the story-line revolves around the lives of six women in a small town in Louisiana who gather regularly at Truvy’s beauty salon. The family relationships of the sometimes quirky residents prove the tenacity and strength of Southern women as they come together to celebrate the good times and share each others burdens when the bad times come.

Another encore performance for BLT is “Lend Me a Tenor,” first presented by BLT in 1994. It is a farcical play revolving around the character Tito Merelli, a renowned tenor referred to by his fans as “Il Stupendo.” He is scheduled to go on stage to sing the lead in Otello with the Cleveland Opera Company, when he finds a “Dear John letter” from his wife who has mistaken an autograph-seeker for his secret lover. The distraught Merelli accidentally takes a double dose of tranquilizers and passes out.

Believing the show must go on, the opera’s general manager asks his assistant to impersonate the star. Things are going well until Merelli wakes up and heads on-stage, at which point things really get out of hand.

This comedy is scheduled for March 4-7.

The series closes May 13-16 with “Nunsensations!” by Dan Goggin. The Nunsense Vegas Revue takes the New Jersey sisters on a brand new adventure when a parishioner volunteers to donate $10,000 to the school if they will perform in a Las Vegas club.

Mother Superior is hesitant to accept, but after being convinced by the other sisters that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” she agrees. What follows is the most feather-filled, sequin-studded, fan dancing Nunsense show ever!

Individual productions can be chosen from the menu at a single adult admission cost of $12 for plays and $15 for the musical; $7 and 10 for students. Better yet, sample every menu item by subscribing at rates beginning with $40 per person for adults and $20 for students. Prices increase according to patronage levels.

Visit the theater Web site at for complete information.