A failed government

Published 4:00 pm Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Editor, I received my copy of Sanford Bishop Reports a couple of days ago, and I see that he leads off with an article informing of us of how well the Stimulus Bill is working to bring our economy around.

Rep. Bishop points to the scraps that are being passed out to the working people and expects us to overlook the repeated failures and abuses of government power.

President Obama assured us that passing the bill would stop and hold unemployment at 8 percent. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, it is 9.7 percent, the highest in 26 years. This qualifies as a failure to anyone except an elitist politician.

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We see the daily reports of the abusive and incompetent ways that this borrowed money is being spent. One of the latest comes in the form of a Miami Herald article about a band of homeless men, including not just, sex offenders, but, sexual predators being housed and fed with stimulus dollars. This is borrowed money that we will be paying the interest on for generations. But, it’s OK, right?

Rep. Bishop got some scraps for us too. That makes it all better. If they really want to stimulate the economy, they could use the remaining stimulus money to run the government and give the entire country a federal tax holiday for a while. Think about that. But, that returns the power to, we the people. Can’t have that now, can we?

The concept of freedom has been cast aside by the political class. To them, it is outmoded. They truly believe that they know what is best for everybody else and that the law does not apply to them. How else could they have come to the conclusion that paying the rent, power and other utilities for sex offenders and predators with borrowed money is constitutional? I wonder whose neighborhood the government moved them into. Is this the proper role of the federal government? Our representative must think so. He voted for it and still defends it.

After attending Rep. Bishop’s town hall meeting in Bainbridge, I am convinced that he has no intentions of changing anything concerning his ideology or voting habits. He always has been and will remain a sure vote for his political party no matter what we think. So, anyone who is happy with the work being done by Congress these last few years can rest assured that a vote for Bishop will keep things moving down this same path. He will need a reminder that we are still paying attention when he goes back to Washington. He seems to feel totally secure. His newsletter claims that the Cap and Trade bill will create 59,000 “clean” jobs in Georgia. Do you believe that? You can contact Rep. Bishop at (202) 225-3631.

P.S.: I have met two of his challengers in the upcoming election. They have nothing to offer. We need a true freedom loving leader in District 2.

Tim Rogers,Jakin, Ga.