Nature’s supply and demand

Published 3:57 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eighty-three pounds is the Georgia State Record for flathead catfish, and it still remains the record.

However, Mr. Tom Head last month caught a flathead at 103 pounds, 57 inches long with a 47-inch girth. It don’t count since it was caught on a line attached to a plastic jug. It may not count, but what a big ole fish, a Atamaha River!

The Flint Fork of the lake, from Faceville Landing to the dam, a turning over. We find out a day or so that Georgia Department of Natural Resources will open an office in Tifton in 2010 and in April and May will send their people to study the “turnover action” here on Seminole.

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Due to the turnover action, the Jack Wingate Thursday Night Big Fish Tournament, Frank Jordan/Kell Boyett took first place with 4.41 pounds, and Danny Heaberlin placed second with 3.48 pounds. Some kind of slow bass fishen, however, Saterday showed signs of improvement.

The Big Bend Bass Masters fished out of Wingate’s Saterday with Big Fish going to Leon Roy V with 5.01 pounds, and Chris Smith had most fish with 11.64 pounds. Both of Tallahassee and great fishermen.

Jake Jeter of Faceville Landing Road will go to Australia in 2010 for 20 days in February as an exciting student, knowing him as I do, he’ll bring home a pet croc or kangaroo with him. He’s 13.

We have the most bream beds at this written we’ve ever had at this time of year. One boat reported 23 near the Man-Made Island. Another one reports seven on or near the Indian Mound, also in the Creek area and Carl’s Pass area is loaded. We think Mother Nature has noted a shortage of them due to increased population of flathead catfish and the talapia.  Nature has a way of running a very good “supply and demand.”

With that thought in mind, the first high flying Northern Geese hit the lake this past Thursday, and I’ve seen from the landing early morning ducks flying upstream.

Among the great polititions I’ve met over the years, one stands out in my mind, “Jack Brinkley” who represented Columbus, Ga., and surrounding area several years in Washington. Threw all those years he never forgot that he was a barefoot country boy from Bettstown here in Decatur County.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

August 23, 2009

Temp: 81Level: 8 inches downLake clarity: ClearFlint: GreenishChattahoochee: Clearing and fastSpring Creek: Cloudy to clearReport provided by: Jack Wingate