I’m really a humming bird, or I think I am

Published 4:13 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Radene and Carlton Eakin love their hummingbirds, and feed them every year. They sit and watch as the little birds make trip after trip to the feeders for the nectar.

This year has been a little unusual. They had two other visitors not common to the hummingbird feeders.

Radene said two small type of sparrows or finches, she had never seen before seem to think they were hummingbirds.

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According to Radene, these two would make trips to one of the feeders and while the male with a red and green colored head stood guard on the top of the feeder, the female, who was not as ornate, would drink her fill. Then the male would go to one of the flowers and drink his fill. Together they laid claim to the feeder and chased all hummingbirds away until they decided they had eaten enough. Radene said she even put aluminum foil on top of the feeder to discourage the male from standing guard, but that didn’t help, he only stood on one of the flowers instead.

She said she had never seen any birds like these and went to bird books to look them up and found nothing that appeared to look like her birds. She has used much more hummingbird feed this year than usual because these two like the nectar just as much as the hummingbirds, and somehow get it out of the feeders.

She asked you readers to give her a call at 248-8850 if you have seen this bird or have experienced anything like this with your hummingbird feeders.

Please don’t litter

Several of the roads around Climax have an unsightly addition in some places, folks report having to pick up litter in their driveways along the countryside. They say there are beer cans, food wrappers, etc., strewn along the roads. They asked if you have these items in your car please dispose of them properly and not out the car window in someone’s driveway or yard. Please don’t litter the countryside.


Prayers and deepest sympathy is with the family of Vigilene Bryant Goad during their time of grief and sorrow. She will surely be missed.