Greetings from us about to die

Published 8:56 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The massive power shifts toward the control of the means of production and distribution and the incipient ownership of the means of production and distribution (financial, procurement, fabrication, sales, et al.), along with the probabilities of intellectual manipulation from formative kindergarten thought patterns through Ph.D. studies (propagandizing systematically to imprint and call forth that emotional complex which moves in lock step with the central psychological designers).

For most Americans, the complexity of the structures built upon the foundation and advantage of every crisis (which move the regulators to counterfeit the philosophers in Plato’s Republic) are utterly incomprehensible, not because of inherent mental incapability but because they have relied upon the fundamental faith that their legislators would preserve the republic.

Now, with the shaking of the earth, they have no foundation and it is terrifying because betrayal has been pandemic. The end of the age approaches and not only do they (we) see (themselves) ourselves as hollow men, straw men but represented by those with even less substance.

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Both administrations were panic panderers. The scream was heard round the world and the decibels from Washington were geometrically enhanced and we, the people, fell prostrate before the experts, victims of the distortions of lying lips using post-modern language whose meaning can change without warning (if in fact it has any meaning in the classic sense of the word) to suit the political ends of the moment.

Political artifice based upon the assumption that only the government can rescue and save is diabolical and activated to destroy the foundations of constitutional law, the Bill of Rights and every intent of our nation’s Founders.

The New Direction is the Road to Serfdom constructed for the Dependency Class and the Victim Class whose god is their belly and I’m entitled is their creed, ever incapable of entering the thought of T.S. Eliot “I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker. I have seen the eternal coachman hold my coat and snicker and, frankly, I am afraid.”

Please vote to preserve the Republic. Please defeat this death of our country legislation. Please do not be among those who lead the Orwellian chant: Hail czars; greetings from those of us about to die.

Charles HuntBainbridge, Ga.