Can’t handle the truth?

Published 9:01 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The number of people attending (700) the town hall meeting last week was refreshing. The silent majority is beginning to speak out, and I hope not before it’s too late for this wonderful country. The politicians may be very surprised in the 2010 and beyond elections.

Just this morning (Sunday) Sen. Arlen Specter called for hearings to scrutinize a guide for veterans entitled “End of Life Care.”

The author, Dr. Robert Pearlman, who in 1996 advocated physician assisted suicide and is known for his support of health care rationing. It was suspended during the last administration but has been revived under the Obama Administration. Does this surprise you?

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Called “Your Life Your Choice” (52 pages) can be seen if you Google that name. What in the world do you think our returning soldiers think when all not just the wounded are handed this? Fellow Americans, we owe our freedom to these brave men and women. Even Sen. Specter stated it raises a lot of questions.

A Department of Veterans Affairs says it has not been fully vetted but an official directive from July 2009 tells VA health practitioners to refer all veterans to the document. One section is titled “What Makes Your Life Worth Living” and offers a checklist of scenarios. One asks if you are a financial burden on your family and another if your situation causes severe emotional burden on your family. These people are coming from a war zone fighting for our freedom against terrorists and our government hands them a brochure like this.

Some of these fine Americans are in a delicate state emotionally and this could put them over the edge. It’s already a well know fact that suicides among returning veterans is extremely high. Could this a contributing factor? Has anyone checked?

This is the same government that wants to take over our health care. Sarah Palin was ridiculed calling them (Health Care Reform) “Death Squads.” Oh wait, they aren’t called that they are called “End of Life Care.”

If they treat our brave soldiers like this, God help us. Obama is telling us we are being scared by untruths. It’s the truths that are scaring the wits out of me. Maybe he should just look down the street to the VA and check out this brochure for the truth. Maybe he can’t handle the truth!

Nancy Pelosi tells us we are un-American if we protest (she was in agreement when the war protesters were doing the same thing). With all these scare tactics that Washington is spinning they are fanning the flames against the American people and we are waking up in large numbers.

Stay awake America and don’t let our free and wonderful country be put in more debt that China and the Middle East can hold over our heads. Do you want the likes of these countries owning the USA? God Bless America.

Dorothy OjedaBainbridge, Ga.