On shot at a time

Published 9:26 pm Friday, August 21, 2009

As embittered and fury as perhaps the health care forum was on Thursday at the Kirbo Center, there were points on both sides of the issue that deserve attention—as careful attention as microscopic surgery.

Don’t care what you say, a 1,000-page piece of legislation will not fix the health care mess that the United States finds itself in now.

The health care system needs to be fixed, however. There are some series problems with it—a matrix of series problems that would best be addressed issue by issue—defensive medicine, the 47 million uninsured, tort reform, fixing inefficiencies, pre-existing condition issues with health insurance companies, etc., etc., etc.

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There’s also some series number crunching that needs to take place to satisfy taxpayers on the affordability of it.

As questioner Steve Dunn was trying to make the point on Thursday, golfers allow themselves mulligans—hit a bad shot, you take another. Sometimes without penalty. The golfer is giving himself a chance to have a good round, shot by shot.

But the best illustration of how Congress is addressing the health care reform legislation is that of a golfer teeing off the first tee and wanting to score a hole-in-one to the 18th—in one shot. Good luck with making that one!

The urgency is still there for health care reform, but let’s pull back, address each issue deliberately and take it one shot at a time.