Let’s awake

Published 4:33 pm Friday, August 21, 2009

The faith of our fathers was that God is power; and, as revealed in the Mayflower Compact, the documents of the Puritan divines, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the individual writings of the Founders, and the commentaries, He granted a portion of that sovereignty to the people ( supported by the authority of these sacred documents) to loan to representatives whom they elected to form an orderly government and create a union, which dignified the states, limited the servants and secured the sovereignty of the people.

George Washington became the Abraham of the American democratic faith when he refused to be king.

Horrified, he refused to appropriate and corrupt that sacred authority granted by God to the people, who in a lapse of judgment, were willing to give away their holy inheritance for momentary counterfeit security.

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Corrupt servants are working in all haste to steal our birth right. They are cunning, masters of deceit, counseling those who loaned them power to believe the servant is now (and always has been) the ultimate power, and consign those who loaned them power to the insignificance of nobodies.

They substitute darkness for light, lies for truth, celebrate their perversity on the altars of national destruction and believe that no power on heaven or earth can thwart their rebellion.

The faithful are suffering tribulation, being made into a gruel, which is the process of grinding between the absolute demands of the totalitarian faith of our Fathers and the oppressive challenge of depravity, deception and the cynical interpretations of those documents, which authenticate the truths of our God, granted responsibility to preserve our political sovereignty.

Let’s awake or else we sleep walk ourselves into oblivion,

Charles HuntBainbridge, Ga.