Gator seasons coming up

Published 1:03 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It’s now a fact, the Georgia state record striper has been tied, by another striper weighing in at 63 pounds by a fisherman on Lake Dick Russell.

Also tied but won’t count, is a largemouth bass that hit the scales at 22 pounds, 5 ounces, this fish taken in Japan on live bait will not enter the record books since it was on lie bait and is a Florida stran of bass.

The Florida gator season has been set and is from Aug. 15 through Nov. 1, 11 weeks of hunting with 6,000 permits issued and more in some lakes.

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The Georgia gator season is from Sept. 4 to Oct. 5 with 115 permits issued for the counties of Baker, Decatur, Grady, Miller and Seminole.

The 2009 duck survey is in and for the first time since 1955, our duck population has shown a 45 percent increase in the USA the only duck specie that is down is the Redhead its only down 1 percent. That has got to be the stupidis duck that ever lived. Wildlife hunting generats 600 million bucks per year to the economy.

The C&R Trail fished outa Wingate’s Sunday with the following results, Brian and Mrs. Metcalf of Niceville, 34.56 pounds; Brad Reyolds/Scott Barfield of Bainbridge with 26.00 took second. Third place Jackie Hameric/Brad his son of Albany, Ga., 24.00. Big fish was 10.00 by the Metcalfs. Five limits came in over 20 pounds.

The annual Gaskin catfish tourney at Wewa was almost ruient by gar and big gators, since no live well is big enough to keep big flat heads alive in, they put them on stringers over the side of the boats to keep them alive for weigh in. Well mr. gator and mr. gar takes a taste of with 34.17, Danny Earnest was third with one at 28.78, Roy Pickering has most pounds with 98.53.

Bass has been slow all week long as far a quantity bass taken. Mr. Berry Walker of Recovery took an 8-pound bass on a frog, a 6-pound bass was taken on spiner bait.

Nick Jeter/Greg Jeter won the Thursday nite big fish tournament with a 4.63-pound bass, only three fish was weighed in. We think the cause of it is the full moon and stay very near each other.

Shellcrackers and bream are bedding on the Flint fork. The bream at 2 feet on crickets, the shellcracker at 6 feet on wigglers.

The Culverson twins has took the most bream, with Al Carter and Joe Meggenson having the most shellcrackers.

The boat race’s at the power line sandbar below Bainbridge drew some 300 boats to race and to watch, there was speeds up to 100 mph.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

August 9 , 2009

Lake Surface Temp:83Lake level:Down some, mostly clearFlint:Slite cloudyChattahoochee:MuddySpring Creek:ClearReport provided by:Jack Wingate