Deep-fried turkey a must have

Published 12:45 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The starting of school and the intense heat has done a number of the fishing right here in our little part of the world.

It takes quite a lot of money to get all the clothes and school supplies that a child needs to get back into school, and having more than one child in school makes it doubly hard and even more. The kids took up the extra money this past week and the heat has taken the desire to go fishing.

You know we have had a decent summer overall. We have had some hot days, but we have had cool fronts moving through that have held the temperatures down for several days at the time and making it an enjoyable summer for us.

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Even though we liked the cool mornings and nights, it is summer in the deep south and we know that stuff like that won’t last. We were lucky to get what we had and know better than to ask for more cool because we most likely won’t get it. We are going to receive more cool as the fall approaches and that can’t be far off as I hear folks everyday talking about the upcoming fall hunting seasons and when do they start.

If there have been no changes squirrel season opens on the 15th of this month and dove season starts around Labor Day. I’d do some checking before I took my gun to the woods, but that is the times that the seasons began the last few years.

There is still no fall turkey season, so it will be next March before it is legal to bust a cap on them. Many years ago we did have a fall turkey season and each fall we would have fresh turkey on the table at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I had just about as soon have a big fat hen in my dressing as having the dark parts of a turkey.  But there is no way that anything can taste as good as a wild turkey breast deep fried to help make a good meat at either Thanksgiving or at Christmas. Folks talk about things that they want to do before they die. Eating a piece of deep fried wild turkey breast is surely something that needs to be on that list.

I was in Columbus last Tuesday morning and on the way home that afternoon, I was subjected to the most erratic driving that I have seen in a good while. Vehicles just pulling out in front of me, jerking into my lane too close to my vehicle, or trying to cut me as well as other drivers off.

Not just in Columbus either. Every town I came through, the drivers displayed the same lack of prowess in driving. It could have been worse. I avoided having an accident. Thank goodness. I needed to get home that day as my wife was having her anniversary. She has been married a bunch of years. I’d tell you, but I can’t count that high. If I hadn’t made it home for that I would have been in major trouble and getting killed would not have been an excuse she would have accepted.

This is not the first time I have experienced this type of driving and usually I stop and get a room and continue on the next day. No way that would work this time so I just slow a bit and hoped for the best. I had purchased a watermelon and we shared it with our granddaughter, Kaylee.

I have seen her turn down a pickle, but that is about it. The melon, she loves, and I have told you she doesn’t let the seeds bother her, she just eats them also. She gets it honest as her Nana loves them also. Her special day and the watermelon. It worked out nicely.

Get that gun out and give it a good cleaning and check the barrel. We don’t need anything lodged in there to blow the barrel up when you take your first shot this hunting season. Safety should be first and foremost. Look forward to hunting for many years s come.