Where’s the money tree?

Published 4:28 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dear County Commissioners,

I read the article recently about the county wants to fix the old leaky roof on the courthouse annex. Why wasn’t the rotted wood replaced on the roof of the building last year before the new metal roof was put on?

Metal roofs are usually guaranteed for a lifetime. I am sure you had a city employee supervise the job to make sure it was repaired properly. Right?

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If you are in need of a new roof one year later, why not go back to the previous contractor and have the job done right at no expense to you? Don’t tell me the wood rotted in one year. I do not buy that story.

With all the education, experience and knowledge of our city and county officials, why wasn’t the roof repaired properly last year?

Who inspected the work before the contractor was paid?

I feel violated as a citizen when my taxes are increased and the county commissioners say they will be glad to give a new contractor $49,000 for a problem that should have been fixed a year ago.

How much money was paid to the contractor last year?

I bet if this was your home you would react differently. You are not throwing away your money you are throwing away my money and I am a conservative person. Give me directions to the money tree. People, behold, our tax dollars at work.

Sincerely,Nancy HasteyBainbridge, Ga.