God calls his people to special service

Published 4:14 pm Friday, July 31, 2009

Scripture: Exodus 28:1; Leviticus 8:1-36

Aim: To show how Jehovah God calls and prepares persons to serve Him.

Golden Text: “And take thou unto thee Aaron thy brother, and his sons with him, from among the children of Israel, that he may minister unto me in the priest’s office, even Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, Aaron’s sons” (Exodus 28:1).

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All those who believe in Christ, who are true Christians, are called by the Heavenly Father to render faithful service to Him. It is sad that today many claiming to be Christian have divorced faithful obedience to the will of God, to His commands as given in the word of God, the Bible, from Christian faith. And yet these people assume that they are in harmony with God. Nowhere in the Holy Scriptures is one able to find such an idea.

A casual reading of the Old Testament will show that those who would not be obedient to the commands of God reaped judgment and punishment. Such folks today can be assured that judgment and punishment are coming.

Are such folks really saved?

I do not know, but they have a sad day facing them when they face Jesus Christ either at the judgment seat of Christ, or the great white throne of judgment.

Here we have the pattern Jehovah sets before all people who would follow Him and his son, Jesus Christ. Check your own experience by the following things regarding Aaron and his sons.

1. They were each one called by Jehovah to be His servants (Exodus 28:1, Leviticus 8:1-2). This was public. They each assumed their responsibility to God and the task of being priest in Israel readily and willing. When one knows the will of God, he ought to have such a response with joy.

2. They were each to be cleansed from their sins by a Sin Offering (Leviticus 8:2, 14-17). The Sin Offering was offered in order to take care of their personal sins. The offering was a type of Jesus Christ (He is the Lamb of God). He was sacrificed at Calvary for the sins of men. He calls sinners to repent (turn from their sins) and believe in Him as personal Savior. When a person is born again he is cleansed by the blood of Christ. Only those cleansed from sin can be proper servants of the most high God.

3. They were each cleansed in physical body (Leviticus 8:6). This cleansing was required for all servants. They must be bodily clean, which is a symbol that in their living in this body they were to be morally and spiritually clean. They were to keep themselves clean in order to be accepted in their service for God and man. Unclean Christians have little or no impact on sinners.

4. They were each to be clothed in the garments of the priests (Leviticus 8:7-9, 13). Aaron had special garments as the High Priest, but all priests had special garments. The Christian has been robed in the “robe of Christ’s righteousness,” which is imputed to each believer when he receives Christ as Savior. The Christian is to maintain this righteousness in personal living.

5. They were each anointed with holy oil (Leviticus 8:10-12). This was a symbol of the Holy anointing of the Holy Spirit of God. He comes to live within the believer to strengthen, help, guide, encourage and intercede for Him. Every true Christian has this anointing. He lives within.

6. They were each consecrated wholly to God and His service by the proper sacrifices (Leviticus 8:14, 18, 26). They had their sins removed—the sin offering (vs. 14). They had a burnt offering, which indicated complete surrender to the will of God (vs. 18). They had the meal offering, which indicated they were willing to serve God faithfully.

7. They were each, upon being inducted into service, to spend a week separated from others (Leviticus 8:33-36). This was a public testimony that each one was called and had surrendered to be a “servant of God.” Today, we who would be God’s servants must follow God’s pattern. Have we?