Seniors get to know their new school

Published 4:02 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Senior Class of 2010 got their first official opportunity to tour their new school as they went through an orientation program at the facility on Tuesday.

Principal Tommie Howell provided students and parents with information about a number of issues including scheduling, parking, entering and exiting buildings, and the layout of the school as well as stressing the importance of students’ senior year.

“Senior year is one of the milestones of life,” said Howell. “You have the opportunity to make it what you make it. It is an exciting year for us all.”

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Howell stressed the importance of making wise decisions throughout such a pivotal year of students’ lives.

He reassured students that although the new campus may seem intimidating, they will soon be fully acclimated to the facility.

“Don’t hesitate to ask questions because everything is new,” said Howell. “It may seem intimidating, but once you have seen it and walked it, you will be fine.”

Howell laid heavy emphasis on the importance of student drivers’ safety as they enter and exit the campus onto U.S. 84.

“Seniors, I cannot employ you enough to be careful entering and exiting this campus,” said Howell. “We’ve got to be more aware of traffic and violations cannot occur. The number one priority, even more than your classes, is your safety.”

After going over a number of specific changes, Howell encouraged students to work hard to improve their attendance this year, noting that last school year, 25 percent of students missed 15 days of school or more.

Following the orientation students made their way to the schools atrium, which connects the schools academic wings. There they signed up for lockers, parking permits, yearbooks and T-shirts adorned with a new bearcat logo featured this year. Students then took time to walk the halls of the school as they located their advisement classrooms and lockers as well as taking in the grandeur of their new Bainbridge High School.