Dancing with the czars

Published 3:33 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How about that new Washington Musical, “Obama dancing with Czars!”

President Obama has danced around congressional oversight, done two step around the Constitution, waltzed around the Treasury, jitterbugged the chain of command and danced the tango with our tax money!

Using his Chicago Community Organizer and Acorn training skills, Obama has insulated his Czars from accountability, oversight and transparency. All 32 of the Czars report directly to him alone. Most of their responsibilities overlap existing people on the federal payroll with these same responsibilities. This is another Obama effort toward more and bigger government control of our lives.

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That’s 32 Czars, most of which come with lawyers, investigators, administrative personnel, office space, equipment, payroll and travel expenses and maybe some green cars to add to the job.

An estimate cost for all of this is $10 million per Czar making it $320 million of new Obama tax money over above what we are already paying other government bureaucrats for basically these same responsibilities. This more than Obama’s Rack of management experience.

It is an Obama power and control move to move the country closer to his socialist ideas to change our form of government and the way we choose to live as free Americans. Make no mistake about what you are watching him do before enough informed, politically educated voters understand where he is taking us.

Hello taxpayers’ children and grandchildren! This is more Obama taxpayer dance lessons cost coming your way, once you get on the taxpayer rolls! One can already hear some of you crying out, “We need some adult supervision in the White House and the Congress!”

You can bet Decatur County Democrat voters and supports will be depended upon to keep on dancing to Obama’s “dancing with the Czars” whatever it cost and duplicates. Problem is all of us taxpayers and our taxpaying children (and they will decrease in numbers) will have to pay the fiddler!

Do you know where Congressman Bishop stands on this?

Do you know where our county and city elected officials stand on this?

Has the county Democrat Party taken a position?

Do you honestly care one way or the other?

It is time we all stood up and showed our true colors!

It is our country and our tax money and our children’s (to pay) tax money.

Guy Barber