Ashamed of gas prices here

Published 3:59 pm Friday, July 24, 2009

When I’m with a group of people out of town, and they ask me where I’m from, I sometimes hesitate to mention I’m from Decatur County, Georgia … I say this because of the high gas prices.

I’ve traveled all over this great state of ours, and everywhere I go, I see prices lower than Bainbridge.

Last week, the national average was $2.48 per gallon. Bainbridge at that time had $2.59 per gallon. Some places had gas as much as 37 cents per gallon cheaper than Bainbridge.

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I wonder what would happen if everyone bought gas somewhere else other than Bainbridge for a couple of weeks? Hmmm!

Thank you Post-Searchlight for letting me unload.


Danny LambertClimax, Ga.