What’s the celebration about?

Published 3:47 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This week we celebrate 40 years since the United States first landed on the moon. But, there isn’t much to celebrate. Aside from satellite television and GPS, why are we still spending money on the space program?

Yes, I do want my MTV, but with NASA’s average budget of more than $17 billion over the past five years, I think we can cut back a little. What else is there to look for?

We found the moon, it’s there!

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Every President wants to be the one in office when NASA finally finds something of value, but enough is enough.

While millions of hard-working Americans are out of work, the government continues to throw buckets of money into outer space with nothing to show for it.

So, let’s stop celebrating and start complaining to our representatives. If there was ever anything we could cut out of the budget, trips to outer space are certainly a good place to start.

It’s about time for “one giant cutback for mankind” now.

Drew HallBainbridge, Ga.