Instead of the law, it was a new study

Published 3:33 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2009

‘Tis sed summers, if the Wall Street Journal sed it, it’s good as gold. It’s sed this week, “That a Federal Judge has given Atlanta three years to stop taking water out of Lake Lanier.”

That very same statement was made at most every meeting we were at during my time with the C.F.A. Waterways Commission. Instead of using the “law,” they needed a new study. Wonder what they’ll do now, “find a judge incompetent to serve and replace him with one favorable to Atlanta?”

Nuther thing that riles me, there’s been a death in a family, three young kids are without a father, they need to be left alone and by themselves for awhile, to grieve and cry. Twere me running the show, the nanny would be in charge of the kids, Mom and Pop Jackson would be in charge of everthing else and the hanger oners and the money grabbers could go straight to hell!

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Mr. Cantley, the man the gator bit, caught a whopping mess of crappie and bass mixed on minnows in the daytime.

Pam Martin-Wells, with husband Stephen, took a limit of bass up to 5 pounds on soft plastic, this was Saterday.

Johnny and Jonathan Moore of Cairo, Ga., had a nice mess of bass, bream and catfish on crickets and worms.

Ray Davis of Cairo had 23 crappie on minnows, while Don Logsdon of Pensacola took 25 on jigs.

Rusty Heath, fishen the upper Spring Creek, took a 5-pound talapia on 6-pound test line along with a fine mess of bream and crappie.

The Valdosta Bassmasters fished out Saterday with Earl Roverson winning with five fish at 23.12 pounds. His big fish was 6.6 pounds. Tom Ridley took second with five fish at 19.14 pounds, and George Roverson took third with 10.07 pounds.  Nice turnout and good fishen.

The Jack Wingate Thursday Night Big Fish Tournament drew a good crowd despite thunder bumpers all around. Frank Jordan Jr. and Brandon Ingram took first place with 5.97 pounds, second place went to David Grubbs and Jordan Grubbs with 5.67 pounds. The crowd reached almost to the point where they would have paid a third place.

Bream and catfish was good on crickets this week. Several good catches were made.

Scum frogs and trick worms did a good job on bass. By trick worms, I mean the one about 8 inches long and the one about 18 inches long. The trouble you have with the 18-inch one is not setting the hook when he bites.  You must let him go, when the line starts to move, then set the hook.

A blind gator has been in our boat basin for several days. When Benny West, our Gator Man, comes, that gator disappears til Benny is gone. Smart huh!

Wingate’s Fishing Report

July 19, 2009

Lake surface temp: 80Lake level: Down 6 to 8 inchesLake clarity: Clear to greenishFlint: GreenishChattahoochee: Mostly clearSpring Creek: Mainly clearReport provided by: Jack Wingate