Great weather for the holiday

Published 2:35 pm Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sometimes we get surprised. Some are pleasant surprises, while others are not. Several deaths lately caught most of us by surprise and those would have to fit in the are not category.

On the other side of that coin would be the weather for us. And though it was for only a few days, it came at a time of the year that we appreciated the break in the weather. We had already encountered the severe summer heat, so anything less was good.

The fourth of July was fairly mild and most probably kept a lot of folks from suffering heat stress. But the Tuesday before the fourth, which was the last day of June was as nice a day as we have had this entire summer. Not to say it was cool, however it was not nearly as hot as had been most of the previous summer days and the couple of nights around that same time were just glorious. I actually enjoyed working that week, the weather the reason.

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Right on into the week after the fourth and we had afternoon and evening thundershowers to diminish the heat and make for some wonderful evenings. I don’t know that I would have gone on a pleasure walk, but a cruise around town with the air conditioning on low was just what the doctor ordered, especially during the evening.

Remembering back it had been extremely hot a week or two before the holidays so we hadn’t really planned to fish. I guess we could have been easily persuaded, but the ribs smoking got in the way of fishing, but truly enhanced the eating. We had purchased some babyback ribs for the dinner on the fourth of July and had Big Dave lined up to do his magic. And folks it is close to being magic the way he cooks the ribs and the way they taste. It is worth the extra hour or so that he puts into the meal. Of course he says that the secret is in the rub he prepares them with prior to the smoker taking over. I won’t dispute anything along those lines as I get to eat and not have a hand in the preparation.

The only responsibility I had was helping Kaylee eat a half watermelon and I can tell you that we did a great job. The only thing that worries me about the melon is she doesn’t let the seeds get in her way. If they do she just eats them also. Trying to break her from that part and seem to be having very little luck. Heck, it may not taste as good, but it is a part of the watermelon she says.

Up to the weekend of the eleventh or so was supposed to continue to be mild and then things turn into summer in the deep south once more.

We can’t have a mild summer with all the global warming that is happening. With that I was listening to a show last week that concerned global warming. It stated that over the last 30 years the average temperature went up a half degree the first half of that 30-year period, but during the last 10 years the average temperature dropped that same half degree making the real average temperature stay the same during that time period. There is someone that knows a lot more than we do that takes care of the warming and cooling. He’s done pretty good up till now and I think he will continue to do so.

As we get hotter and hotter the fishing and the fish catching is going to slow down. You should also. If you can still take the heat, fish slower. Probably the slower the better. A hot water lazy fish will simply not chase a bait. If it zips through his area it is a bait that got away. If you slowly work a bait into an area a bass is in it will take it if there is little or no effort involved. You fished slowly and still have one to show for your efforts. Do that a lot and get a good limit of bass and bring them by the paper office. I bet you can get someone to take your picture and then you can brag to your friends and show proof to the doubters.