Are you better off now than you were two years ago?

Published 4:25 pm Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have no political party affiliation so this is not a bash on one party or the other. I think both parties are to blame for the mess we are in and I suggest we throw them all out of office and start over. Oh, how simple that sounds.

Our current representative has been in office since 1992. Up until January of this year, I think he has done a creditable job in trying to help the district. However, the $787,000,000,000 “bailout” bill was the first indication that something is wrong when you “do not read the bill but vote for it”. That leads me to these two questions; how many other bills did he not read, and are you better off now than before the bailout bill was passed?

I discovered a sampling from of counties in our district on how many jobs were lost in the last two years. Dougherty County 2100, Lee County 1100, Terrell County 400, Crisp County 700, Calhoun County 300, Grady County 500, Thomas County 2150, Brooks County 600, Miller County 100, Sumter County 500. This is a total of 8500 jobs lost from just a sampling of the counties in the district which does not include all of the counties.

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Are you better off now then you were two years ago? Friday, June 26 our representative had another crucial vote on our money and economy. Guess what, when I called his office and asked if he read the bill “Cap and Trade” I was told that he was aware of what was in the bill, but they were not aware if he read the bill.

My answer to that is no he did not read the bill (1500 pages long) and rushed to a vote by Nancy. So I say to myself what is in the bill? How about $170 increase in your energy cost the first year but in 10 years an increase to $6800 a year. Hello $6 a gallon gas. Are you better off now than two years ago? Will you be better off in two more years?

Now Nancy has stated that no one will be given the five days to read the Health Care Bill. Do you really want Government dictating how, who ,when, and where you will receive health care? What happen to all the campaign promises to allow for people to read the bill for five days?

It’s time to throw these people out that claim to represent us. All they represent is how to keep my job in Congress. I hope the 8,500 families that lost their job will remember how to vote against some one that really does not have your best interest at heart. Before you make that X in the box ask yourself, “Am I better off now than two years ago?”

Roy Dale Jr.Cordele, Georgia