Rykard, Proulx roll nice games

Published 4:12 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

It’s been a busy summer for us so far, so pardon me for being slow in getting the word out about how well our bowlers are doing.

So let’s get to it:

Honor scores abound! Glenn Rykard shot his second 300 game a few weeks ago. He rolled it during the NFL Doubles League. He really nailed it this time, the last three were solid pocket all the way. Nice job, Glenn.

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Derick Proulx rolled another 299 (his third, I think). And, just like the others, he hung a 10 pin on the last shot.

Although not technically an honor score, Ecres (ER) Ranson rolled a really nice 783 scratch series a couple of weeks ago. Alan Giles did pretty well also with a 287 game and 770 scratch series.

Now I’ll let you in on who’s beating who and how well the rest of us are doing.

The Monday Night Mixed league has Sleven with a six-point lead over my team, YMCA. For the season so far, Alan Giles has the high game, 287 and series, 770, both of which were shot this past week. My 236 came in second and ER’s 216 was third high.

The ladies were (are) led by Evelyn Hughes, who has the season-high game, 224, and series, 588. This week she shot a 197 game and 564 set. Valerie Schultz rolled a 191.

New league

We have a new league this summer, Church.

It’s unsanctioned, and is really a fund-raiser, fun, get-together bragging rights kind of league.

Let me stop here and give our deepest sympathy to the family and friends over the loss of Gary Ingle. He was a bowler some years back, and had just started back with the Church League a few weeks ago. He died of a sudden illness last week. He was a nice guy, and we’ll miss him.

“No Fear” has a five-point lead over “Lost and Found.” The season high scores go like this: Men’s high game, Roger Haire II, 251, and series, 606. Second high game belongs to Michale Daniel, 198. The ladies are led by Rita Haire, 140 and Kay Kay Loyless, 135.

The Major-Minor Mixed (alias adult/youth) league is a No-Tap league during the summer, so the scores will be highly inflated upon first glance. But, you really have to be throwing a pretty good ball to get nine pins or better on a consistent basis. With that said:

The best game so far this summer belongs to Wayne Hall, 270. Wayne is one of our up and coming youth bowlers, you will see his name often in the future. The next best game of the summer belongs to Amanda Rykard, another youth bowler who will dominate the headlines, with a game of 263. My daughter, Lara Vowell owns the best game for the ladies, 260 (she gets it from her mother). The best game for the men is a 246, rolled by James Watts. “Him and Us” have a two-point lead over “The Dogs.”

The NFL Peterson Point doubles has my team, “Jaguars,” with a slight lead over the “Steelers.” The season’s best games, so far, belong to Glenn Rykard, with that 300 game, me, with a 279, and John Topper with a 278 game. The ladies have Mary Rykard (Glenn’s and Amanda’s mom) bowling a 201 game and Nancy Gray with a 189.

The Thursday Masters has “3 on 3” leading by four over Team seven. The best of the best, so far go as follows: High game, Derick Proulx, 299 (10 pinitus), Ecres Ranson (ER), 278 and Fred Stanley, 277. Series goes to ER, 783 and Derick, 741. The ladies have Jeanette Verelli leading the scoring with a 230 game and 626 series. Evelyn Hughes has a 227 game and 580 series.

I will be out of town during our next No-Tap Tournament (Sunday, July 12, 2 p.m.), so Derick Proulx will head it up for me. He will do a good job, I know.

If your church would like to join in on the fun, contact me at the lanes (246-5530) for more information. The fall season is just around the corner (Sept. 14) and we have time to help you form a league of your own, of form teams to join other churches in forming an interdenominational church league. You didn’t think I knew them big words like at, did ya?

Oh, one other thing, we are going to be doing some renovations around here soon. New carpet, re-modeled game room, new bowling pins, that sort of thing, so pardon our dust.

Until, next time, Keep On Bowling!