July 4th TEA party

Published 3:54 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

Last Saturday, I had he occasion to attend the Bainbridge “Tea Party” at Cheney Griffin Park. The program was under the direction of Vicky Newton, and she, along with a host of others, did an excellent job of presenting facts and encouragement for those of us that believe that as a unified America, we have been, and are taking some very dangerous steps to undermine this great country. The word Democracy is being replaced by socialism that threatens to be the undoing of this nation.

Now at a time of economic chaos, we are spending our tax dollars at an unprecedented rate and are told that the reason for this is to end our economic depressed state. We must gather together, Republicans, Democrats, whites, blacks, Hispanics, all of our many diverse religions and unite against this “gone mad” form of budge malfeasance.

Cap and Trade legislation is passed in the House of Representatives with less than half the legislature in that body reading what they were voting. Health insurance being voted on with no plan as to how it will be funded. Big business being funded with billions of tax dollars so that the government can take over and run these companies. We can not spend our way into prosperity! If we ran our households this way, we would all end up in debtors prison. We must stop riding the wagon all the time and start doing our share of pulling. When was the last time one of our elected officials took a pay cut to help?

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You and I still have the ultimate power, the power of the vote, but we need to exercise this right and duty. Please vote no new taxes and vote out those that support them.

Gary T. ReahesBainbridge, Ga.