Better wish for Obama’s success

Published 3:54 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

Glad you woke up Keith, but you’re at least eight years too late to do any good.

After the record deficit spending of Reagan and both Bushes, what do you think Obama has left to work with? The Clinton years had our country on the right track financially, but you were probably napping and missed that.

All that the Republicans (who have been in control of the government for the majority of the last 25 years) have been able to accomplish during their long run is to darn near eliminate the middle class, push more Americans into poverty, make the rich far wealthier than they should be, let our infrastructure crumble, allow American businesses to relocate offshore so they could maximize profits with cheap labor and little to no regulation, and allow our country’s assets to be bought up by foreign interests.

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And taxes? Are you kidding? How do you think our governmental bodies provide the services we so desperately need?

Right here in Decatur Country, our government is suffering a shortfall. How do you expect them to make it up? The Easter Bunny? Tooth fairy?

Go back to sleep and let our President and Congressional leaders try to pull us from the boggy mess the Republican Party has left us in.

If you’re a praying man you might hit your knees and send positive wishes for their success. Otherwise, you’re just another pothole in life’s highway that needs filling.

Dao JonesBainbridge, Ga.