Obama leading us to catastrophe

Published 2:05 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When a leader makes a decision that does not have the desired outcome, there comes a time for that leader to admit that they’ve made a mistake and take corrective action. Now is that time for Barack Obama.

The road you’ve decided to take our country down, Mr. Obama, is leading to economic catastrophe. The eloquent words that you’ve used to sway the public and the nice catchy phrases like, “shovel-ready projects” and “economic stimulus” amount to only ear candy.

You, Mr. Obama, and your liberal deceitful, double-speaking cohorts have managed to spend trillions of dollars that belong to us and our children. You’ve consistently taken more and more control of our businesses. You’ve consistently taken more and more of our freedoms away. You’re playing word games and taxing us through back doors with “usage fees” and other nonsense terms you think we’re too dumb to realize are still “taxes” no matter what you call them. You’ve produced no results and now your liberal-minded group has the audacity to talk about another round of “economic stimulus.” You have got to be kidding! Can anyone tell me of any of the “shovel ready” projects that the Obama administration was so highly touting? Where are they? Where is our money? Where are the results? Where are all of the jobs that so quickly promised?

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It’s time to face the music. Mr. Obama, your grand economic experiment has failed and has proven three things: A country can’t buy its way out of a recession (attempting to do so only prolongs and worsens the recovery), government needs to keep its greedy paws out of the pockets of American businesses, and all of your promises are slowly and steadily being broken because they were based on a fairy-tale.

To my fellow Americans that were swayed by the words of Mr. Obama, I urge you to re-evaluate your decision. The terms “socialism” and “communism” to me have always conveyed the idea of total control of businesses, media, and a country’s people.

Ask yourself, how far are we really away from that?

How much closer are you willing to let our country get before you say “enough is enough”?

I’m already at that point. Make your voice heard. Let your words be seen! Get off of your couch and help us take our country back. Do something! Otherwise, the freedom to worship and the freedom to express our opinions in outlets such as The Post-Searchlight will be taken away.

Don’t wait! Wake up from your sleep! Get involved!

Keith SellarsBainbridge, Ga.