Fishing league dies

Published 3:06 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Carl Dyess is dead. Most folks never heard of Carl Dyess, but if you had been at the last BassMasters Classic and seen the standing ovation he was given, you would understand what the fishen world thought of him.

He passed at 3:15 a.m. July 3rd. He died of emphesema, his brother sed he had asmoke 30 minutes before he passed. The services will be held at Pintlala Baptist Church in Pintlala, Ala., which is Ray Scott’s home town church.

Mr. Cantley, who just a couple of weeks ago was biten by a big gator near 10 Mile Stile landing, walked up the dock with 29 crappie on a stringer to show me. I took his picture and got him under the porch to show us his still bent fingers. He’s a lucky man in the fact that the gator didn’t go into a spin when he closed down on his hand.

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The Thursday nite Big Fish Tournament had a nice turn out with Matt Baty and partner taken first place with a 6.22 and Kim Brown and Mr. Osgood second with a 6.07. The tournement series is bout half over and there is $302 in the Big Fish Pot for whoever wins the biggest fish of the year.

There continues to be limit catches of bass coming in on the Flint Fork of the lake. Seems as though their taste for spinners has droped way off and slugos and plastic baits is the hot baits, fish have been taken up to 7 1/2 pounds on them.

The Flint Fork of Lake is clearing and turning bluish green, this makes the bream beds easy to see. The crickets are the bait, those people who only fish, when the fish are on the beds and in for a good time now.

There has been many a good catch of catfish made this week, some on cut mullet, some on wigglers and some on live bream. The perch (crappie) has sunk to the bottom and are hard to catch.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

July 5 , 2009Lake surface temp:82

Lake level: down someFlint: greenishChattahoochee: clearingSpring Creek: clearReport provided by: Jack Wingate