A letter to all congressmen

Published 2:04 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Congressmen,

Congress is overseeing the demise of the greatest country on earth. The country I have served and the country my ancestors have fought and died for.

I hope and pray that the Senate has more sense than to pass the energy bill approved by Congress.

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Sirs, I have a question for you. Do you truly think that the federal government, along with labor unions, can manage General Motors and Chrysler profitably?

These auto companies will never again make a profit and the taxpayer will pay the losses.

Don’t you understand that unmanaged debt by both sides of the ink is what got us into these dire economic conditions? Increased spending and the printing of money by Congress is only going to greatly compound the error.

The so-called stimulus packages passed by Congress will not stimulate, but will only add to the debt. My children will have to pay the interest. The principal will never be repaid.

Wake up, Congressmen, and do what is right for the Stars and Stripes. Our great country is going down and, in my opinion, will not recover.

A concerned citizen,Jack G. RichTallahassee, Fla.

P.S. Our national debt is now $11,367,932,508,626.