Worth publishing?

Published 3:06 pm Friday, July 3, 2009

Why, when gasoline is at least 20 cents a gallon less at Donalsonville than the lowest price in Bainbridge, (a scant 20 miles away) and at most 29 cents a gallon less—does not The Post-Searchlight make some mention to their readers?

I have in my hand a gasoline receipt for 10.8 gallons of gas at 2.319 per gallon, total fuel sale $23.19, dated July 1, 2009, from Sun Valley Market, 481 West 3rd St., 39845.

The brand of the gas is “Inland.” (Sound familiar?)

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I get a 5 percent rebate from Chase Perfect Mastercard, making total cost per gallon of 1.1595 per gallon.

Worth publishing? I think so, bet your readers would agree!

Hal AkridgeBainbridge, Ga.