What ‘We the People’ mean

Published 3:08 pm Friday, July 3, 2009

After reading the articles in Wednesday’s paper, June 24, concerning the dilemma our county executives are in, it encouraged me.

Our county doesn’t have enough money to replace a piece of equipment that, apparently, is still working properly. So the simplest solution is to raise taxes or cut services. That seems logical, but then I got to thinking, if it works for them, why shouldn’t it work for me?

I have a pickup, 11-years-old, 272,000 miles, and pretty well worn out in general. I need a new one, but since we are now a one-income family, I just can’t see how we can afford it. Until I read Wednesday’s paper. All I have to do is go to my employer, request a raise to cover the expense of a new truck, or stop paying enough taxes to cover the cost.

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I’m also waiting for Wal-Mart to get a shipment of money printing presses in.

Our federal government has taught us, if you don’t have enough, print more, but then I also read in the same paper, in Wednesday’s edition, that counterfeiting is illegal. What’s the difference? The government has needs, we have needs.

Mr. Smith, this is your first term in office, times are tough, you didn’t ask for my vote, but you got it. With people already out of jobs, property taxes up, gas climbing again, adding more taxes on a suffering group of people is not going to get my vote the second time.

I hope people all across Decatur County will take an interest in the way our leaders manipulate, “We The People,” like a bunch of idiots. They say it, we’re expected to believe it. I’ve been to enough council meetings to know that on controversial issues, they decide behind closed doors as to how the vote should go. Very seldom in favor of the people. That’s democracy at its finest.

One more thing concerning cutting services, we have come to expect. I was pondering that one. What do I get for my tax dollars? No water, no sewer, I mow my part of the shoulder of the highway, except the part the county left rocks from road repairs and holes too big for my mower. Oh, now I remember, the county scrapes the dirt road next to my property, so they can divert the water that runs from both directions onto my property. Also, every time they scrape, the road gets wider. Is there anybody out there that knows how wide a dirt road has to be?

I’m tired of rolling over and pretending I don’t exist. I hope this letter will encourage others to take a minute to write in, share what’s on your mind or your heart. I believe God will honor pure motives, it’s time we turned to Him for our wisdom and our leadership, instead of somebody that has no idea of what “We The People” want or need.

Sincerely,C.D. MartinBainbridge, Ga.