Hat’s off!

Published 3:10 pm Friday, July 3, 2009

I have just attended the most beautiful, patriotic and dignified program, presented by the choirs and ministers of the United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church and Morningside Baptist Church, that Decatur County has ever produced!

If you were a part of it as a singer, musician or speaker, I applaud you. Everyone who attended, thank you for your time and efforts to make this program a huge success.

The “parade of our veterans” brought tears to most of our eyes, along with goose bumps and a wonderful feeling of patriotism, as we remembered our own veterans. My Uncle Steve was gassed in Frances, my father had shrapnel scars, my brother, my son, my cousin Elliot, was at Hickham Field on that fateful morning of Dec. 7,1941, at Pearl Harbor; his brother, Gil, at Iwo Jima; Bob Crabb, a prisoner of war, my cousins Bob and Ray, most all of my male classmates, and my best and oldest friend, a nurse in Germany. We all remembered someone as we watched our veterans walk down the aisle.

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And the songs! And the band! And the singers! What magnificent performances!

I hope there will be another wonderful program again next year. I sincerely would like to attend another “Patriotic Celebration.”

Hats off to all who planned, set up, worked behind the scenes, and practiced endless hours on singing or playing an instrument. Your efforts were totally successful. You did an awesome, outstanding job!

Genie WhiddonPast President of District 2 and Unit 62of the American Legion Auxiliary