Fishing with what works

Published 3:56 pm Friday, July 3, 2009

Coming into the Fourth of July we had a chance of rain everyday and did see rain most everyday.

The week prior to that one we had no rainfall and suffered with heat, enough to make a camel wish for an oasis. But this last week, with the rain is making the days better along with the nights. I do wish it was a little cooler, but this small break in the weather has been a Godsend.

Getting some timely rains has been right good also.

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The farmers need it so that they don’t have to run the irrigation systems so much, and it been even more so on the good side for the fields that are not irrigated.

The lawns here in town and across the county are looking really good with the water greening up the grass. It is just that the mowers have to be started much more often and run longer. There is always a down side to anything. And since these showers have visited us from our north, the rain has helped our northern neighbors and the rain has come down our rivers and not allowed them to get as low as we had expected them to be. As I have already said, it has also kept the temperatures down and us a lot more comfortable.

A fellow getting dressed in the mornings wants to get to work with his clothes looking nice and the women even more so. For a while now you had best get on the way very early because if you wait until the sun is up very high you will be wet before you can get into the car. Your clothes and hair will be wet with sweat and you will be in a foul mood for the rest of the day. There are plenty of days that I will cut the air-conditioner off in my vehicle because it gets too cool. I can tell you most definitely that none of those days have come recently.

I ate some catfish a few days ago that my son had prepared. They were local ones and quite tasty. I have told you before that I don’t like the taste of crappie and if one is lucky enough to take my bait, I just toss him back. But then I do that to most all the fish I catch unless someone had asked for a mess, like Marcus does every now and again. Course I don’t think you could fill him up and am not going to try. I may want to do two things that day, and he would take most of if not all that particular day. I wouldn’t want him to do without either.

Hummer Hawg plastic worms are a thing of the past. I haven’t seen any in a long time. Over the years I have had some right good luck on those. When they were located down near Miami, we ordered a grape with multi-colored metal flake.

We caught fish on those when nothing else would tempt a fish. They moved the company over past Valdosta and later the original owner died. Hummer Hawg was sold to some folks in Pelham and continued to do well for years. I believe it was the original owner that dropped from the line the color worm we used most, thus forcing us to find a replacement. We found one and it was black with red metal flake. Probably more fish caught on a black worm than any other color in history. I believe the red flake triggers the fish into biting more quickly. It just make them mad.

My son and I have been fishing that color for years, not so much in the big lake, but in ponds and smaller lakes. It works and we believe in it.

I was thinking that I could drive up to a tackle shop, give my son a hundred dollar bill and tell him to buy us some plastic worms. I would just about bet another hundred that he would come back with nothing but black red metal flake worms. If the store only had one bag, he would come back with it and a lot of change. When you find something that works, stick with it.

I would really like to find a few Fliptail worms, if possible. They have helped me land some big fish in the past and it has been so long since the fish have seen one, they make attack it out of fright. They don’t look like the worms we use today.