Reaching out to local community

Published 4:00 pm Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In response to a call for help from a concerned citizen, the Rev. Adren Bivins Sr.—founder of the Layman Brothers Second Chance Outreach Center— has been speaking with members of a local Bainbridge community about finding God and turning away from crime.

Earlier this week, a resident of a neighborhood off of Vada Road, commonly referred to as the “pear orchard,” went to City Hall and spoke with the City Manager Chris Hobby about drug activity taking place in the area.

In response, Bivins went to the neighborhood on Thursday and provided pizza and drinks as he ministered in hopes of encouraging people, young and old, to turn away from criminal activity.

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“Somebody has to take a stand,” said Bivins. “Young people need to turn away from a life of crime and do something productive with their lives.”

He encouraged members of the community to speak with those taking part in criminal activity and rally them to seek an education and a different way of life.

“Regardless of what you have done, God loves you,” said Bivins. “There is no perfect person except Jesus Christ.”

Bivins returned Friday morning to further speak with members of the community.

The Layman Brotherhood Second Chance Outreach Center, located at 205 Independent St. in Bainbridge at the annex of the Bainbridge Church of God, holds fellowship services on the first three Sundays of each month from 3 to 5:30 p.m. The center provides mentoring, Bible study, recreation and advocacy for youths.