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Published 4:49 pm Friday, June 26, 2009

It would be wonderful if on any given weekend we could take our kids to a local movie at the Bainbridge Mall Theaters, instead of having to drive to Tallahassee, Dothan or Albany to find an age-appropriate film.

I am referring to “G-rated” movies. Kids don’t care when the movie came out, it doesn’t have to be the latest thing.

However, it would be very nice to know that every weekend you could check the local theater and know there would be a movie that you could take your child or grandchild to, regardless of age.

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With economic times the way they are, businesses really need to re-evaluate their strategies and try to cater more to families and family values. Offer good family entertainment at a reduced day-time price and a fair evening-time price.

The summer is the perfect time to give this a trial run. Hopefully the next time I check the weekend movies in Bainbridge, I can stay in Bainbridge that weekend and enjoy a good, wholesome movie with the entire family in tow.

Sherry WeaverBainbridge, Ga.