Inmate transfer troubles continue

Published 4:52 pm Friday, June 26, 2009

Further troubles ensued at the hospital where an inmate was taken following a struggle that took place when he tried to escape.

On Tuesday, Jubal Nakeem Davis, 21, of 1807 Love St. in Bainbridge, attempted to escape when he was being transferred from the Decatur County Courthouse holding cell to the Decatur County Jail. Davis was in custody after failing to appear for his court date earlier that day.

According to incident reports, Davis had to be stunned by a taser gun as he struggled with officers attempting to place him in handcuffs.

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Code Enforcement Officer Sgt. David Ellis injured his knee during the struggle, and both he and Davis were taken to the hospital—Davis complaining of chest pains.

After being examined, the hospital released Davis to be taken to jail. Davis became extremely combative with officers, as was noted in the report. He refused to let go of the hospital bed and had to be stunned with a taser gun before he would release the bed. Officers carried him to a patrol car where he refused to let go of the vehicle’s door frame. Davis was stunned twice more with a taser and still refused to release the door frame.

The struggle caused Deputy Rick Ashley’s wrist and left forearm to bleed.

Sgt. Ellis is currently out of work due to the injury to his knee and is seeking further medical care.

Davis was charged with two misdemeanor counts of obstruction and one felony county of obstruction on top of his original bench warrant arrest for false report of a crime, disorderly conduct and two counts of pointing a pistol at another.