Glass half full

Published 4:47 pm Friday, June 26, 2009

Well I’m a North Carolinian who lives in the cool Blue Ridge, so I’m feelin’ for ya, Lynn. However, having been raised in south Louisiana a long time ago, I can relate.

Hey, I’m totally with you on the tomato sandwiches, no doubt about it. As far as the watermelon goes, I did detect a little regional bias. But I can’t blame you. Up here in Carolina we have thoughts about Florida too. But have you ever slurped into Mississippi watermelon? Apparently not.

Anyway, Lynn, I’m so glad you finally came around to a truly positive attitude about your dogged situation down there. There is really no other productive alternative in this life, because life is, you know, not really about what happens to us; it’s more about how we respond to it.

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I think you’re doing OK on that score. But next time you write an article of this type don’t forget the Vidalia onions. They’ll add some serious spice to any profundities you might serve up.

Carey Rowland