Attapulgus to participate flood program

Published 6:59 pm Friday, June 26, 2009

It’s very unlikely that residents of the Attapulgus community may encounter serious flood problems, but local officials have voted to proceed with an application with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to participate in the National Flood Insurance program.

The city’s support will enable residents to receive federal aid in filing flood insurance claims, according to Attapulgus Mayor Johnny Medley.

“Right now, there’s no job to be done here,” remarked FEMA representative Darryl Walker, who along with Carol Denniston, met with the Attapulgus City Council Tuesday to discuss the matter of obtaining participation in the national flood insurance program. “You have very little likelihood of having major flood problems here.”

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After hearing a discussion on the program by Walker, the mayor told council members that he understood the county is presently considering an ordinance regarding the program, and that Attapulgus could probably be included in the county program.

However, after some discussion by council members, the group voted to proceed with adopting the necessary ordinance and participating in the program since there will be no cost to the city and residents may or may not take advantage of the flood insurance if they so desire.

Park facilities delayed

The mayor said he had received another request regarding a restroom facility in the park beside city hall. He reminded the council that the county has agreed to construct a facility in the park, but the project has been delayed.

Medley said the city will probably be asked to provide a septic tank and the connecting water lines when the proposed building is constructed on the northwest corner of the park.

Other business

The following are items the Attapulgus City Council also considered:

 Medley informed that council that Don Kell, the city’s accountant, is presently working on the 2008-09 audit, which will be presented to the council later.

 Police Chief James Earl Spooner reported a total of 38 calls for the month including seven traffic stops, one shoplifting case, five domestic calls and 10 dog complaints. He added that during the month he had received 12 hours of police chief’s training at Columbus College.

 In regard to the cleanup committee’s report, the chief noted some improvement on some of the designated “sore spots” in town, and Maintenance Superintendent Billy Brown was asked to check on a drainage problem in a ditch on South Wood Street.

 The mayor informed the council that Brown is still receiving therapy for a back injury, and is remaining on light duty, as he is not currently permitted to operate the tractor or mower. Medley said that additional help has been hired for these tasks until Brown is able to fully resume all of his duties.

 A report on the Department of Natural Resources coliform water testing requirements was reviewed, and the council voted to comply with these requirements. A water quality report is being distributed to all residents.

 Council members discussed a proposed ordinance that would forbid the wearing of sagging pants, which are being worn so low as to reveal the wearer’s underwear or bare skin. Medley commented that the City of Bainbridge adopted such an ordinance, but said he would prefer a more specific and detailed ordinance. Council members agreed, and further information will be secured about this.

 Medley said the city needs to seek a buyer for the old garbage compactor, which is a 1997 model. The city will advertise for bids on the vehicle.

 City Clerk Renee’ Boyett informed the council that she will be attending required election training in Macon on June 23, 24 and 25.

 The date of the next regular council meeting was set for Tuesday, July 21.