Builders for Christ

Published 2:56 pm Friday, June 19, 2009

Fellowship Baptist Church in Brinson is currently adding a new building with the help of Builders for Christ.

According to group leader, Bobby Lunceford from Acworth, Ga., Builders for Christ consists of a group of volunteers who go help churches build churches. There are a lot of denominations associated with Builders for Christ; Lunceford’s team, though, separates themselves from others by calling themselves “The Masters’ Builders–Construction Ministry Team.”

“We operate just like Builders for Christ all over the country,” Lunceford said.

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Lunceford’s team is split into four smaller teams that perform jobs such as framing, mechanical and sheetrock. The finishing team does whatever is necessary toward the end of construction time to ensure completion.

The Master’s Builders has six teams that work together on two churches every year, with a different leader for each team. There is one group leader, Lunceford, who coordinates between the six teams and the two churches they are working with.

The teams are made up of volunteers representing 16 to 17 different churches from Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and other southeastern states.

“All these folks are taking their vacation time to come do this,” Lunceford said.

According to Lunceford, everyone that goes on a Builders for Christ trip pays their own way. They pay for their own food and housing unless, like Fellowship Baptist, the church provides housing.

“Here, we are sleeping in the classrooms,” Lunceford said.

So far, there have been two teams, the framing team led by Woody Findley from Douglasville, Ga., and, currently, the mechanical team led by Soloman Patrick of Blairsville, Ga.

Builders for Christ is family oriented.

“We bring entire families, and we encourage that on all of our teams,” Lunceford said. “We feel like the kids are our future.”

There is something for people of all ages to do, whether it’s cooking, building, sweeping or carrying water to workers. Kids can work with their parents or in a group together under adult supervision.

“We always need volunteers,” Lunceford said.

Lunceford also said he likes to get a project from the church at least a year or two in advance. For more information or to volunteer, contact Lunceford at (770) 616-3008 or visit